Slide We are aiming to represent

the most talented basketball players

all over the world.
CONTACT US TALENT We are aiming to represent the most talented basketball players all over the world.


Under a new brand name, Fortius Talent brings more than twenty years of vast experience in the sports industry. Our goal is to produce stars, with the sky as our limit. Every individual player has the opportunity to shine; we are committed to ensuring only the best for their development and career


We at Fortius Talent provide a critical function as an intermediary between management and professional basketball players. We control— in our players’ best interests— sports contract negotiations, endorsements, financial planning and media promotion.
Formerly professional players, our coaching experts provide individual online and direct training sessions for our talent, specifically built for game improvement.
Legal contracts in the sports industry can become extremely complex. In order to achieve your goals under the best possible terms, our legal team is here to help navigate new contracts and manage existing ones.
A player’s successful career is not only related to their gameplay. Sales, marketing and business strategy are major contributors. We will guide you through the most critical business decisions.
Basketball players have a strong foundation to extend their talent and name off the court. We help establish the personal brands of our talent and provide opportunities for them to become brand ambassadors for a variety of products and services.
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Fortius Talent’s knowledge, passion and experience will guide you to the right path for your professional sports development. We are in this together; we are here to support you every step of the way.

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